Water crisis has caused stomach ache and disorder

Apewotneki ‘A’ Village is located in Wirao parish, Aber sub county, Oyam district and has a population of 557 (276 Females,281 Males) people. The community members within the village has been suffering because of shortage of safe and clean water for a very long time. Apparently, the community members are taking water from unprotect open well which often gets contaminated once it rains. The nearby borehole is about 3km away and people are always overcrowded, struggling and fighting for water and the borehole is being used by the school as well.

Safe and clean water for drinking

During rainy season, the community members always complained of stomach ache and diarrhea. This often affected the social economic status of the community as they spend much time and money in treating the disease. In order to solve the above problem, some community member have resorted to travelling long distance looking for safe and clean water for drinking. However, other disadvantage homes such Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Elderly have no option apart from taking water from unprotected source because of challenges in travelling long distance looking for safe water.

Clean and safe water construction is the only option that can be done in order to reduce and avert this recurring condition in Apewotneki ‘A’ village. Community needs to be sensitized on the management and maintenance of clean and water, good hygiene and sanitation practices.