Our Partners

Why sign up as a partner with Link to Progress?

We have a deep passion for the work that we do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the non-profit sector.

Our water sources have the highest functionality rate in the entire country at 95%.

LTP donors get real value for money.

Making a difference

The fact that LTP and its partners are involved in fundraising, project design, and project implementation allows the organization to realize water points most efficiently and cost-effectively. All their internal procedures, their ideas, and ideals are streamlined. The NGO is managed and set up according to professional private sector standards. This synergy of the partners ensures that LTP donors get real value for money.

Water projects through LTP cost less money than what other larger NGOs are budgeting for. The thorough knowledge of the water resources situation in Uganda of the local partners allows LTP to select the cheapest type of water source.

If you also want to ensure your financial contribution to the rural poor in Uganda is used most cost-effectively and efficiently then feel free to request a project proposal for water projects. We already have identified several different types of water projects that await funding.

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