For long LTP Uganda depended on help from outside to create content like video, photos and for updating basic elements on the website. In March of 2023 volunteer Hugo Lingeman came to Lira for a two weeks training.

Video and photography

As beginners in photography there was a lot to learn about mastering the app on our phone, story telling, light, composition, and editing. For video we had an even more demanding task of translating our story into a script and shooting all the necessary clips.

For video editing it was our challenge to find a software package that would run on our outdated computers and would not depend on a stable internet connection.

The team managed to overcome the challenges and was able to create our very first video for LTP on our integrated approach.

We are proud to show you our first production on our home page.

Website updates

In the training LTP staff also learned how to edit the very website you are looking at: edit and update content and creating new posts. This will create flexibility and efficiency in management of the website.