Handover of Barmwony primary school project

In October 2021, the education quality improvement project funded by Visions for children at Barmwony Primary school, Oyam district was completed and handed over to the school management and the authorities in Oyam district local government.

The project involved the construction of a classroom block with an office furnished with desks and tables, construction of two blocks of drainable latrines for girls and boys at the school, four hand washing stations, rehabilitation of a broken down borehole at the school, supply of learning materials at the school and capacity building of the school management committee among others. It was implemented between May and October 2021.

Sustainability is key

At the handover ceremony held on 19th October 2021, district officials from Oyam district local government appreciated the works done at the school and asked the school management to maintain the facilities. The District Education Officer said that sustainability is always key. “You are all here because the previous occupants managed the facilities well”, said Mr. Adea. He also asked parents to prepare for schools reopening in January by putting together fees, basic requirements and of course, proper management of children at home during the lockdown.

The concerned Mr. Adea asked the school to plant trees to avoid roofs being blown off by wind because should the facilities be mismanaged; the district is incapacitated to construct sufficient number of classrooms in the 109 schools in Oyam District. He said, “In the last financial year, the district constructed only 2 classroom blocks in the whole District.”

The project has seen improvement of quality learning environment for 1,253 children and 13 teachers at Barmwony primary school.