When Covid 19 kicked in last year 2020, it affected the lives of many people including the lives of many children around the world. In Uganda, it led to closure of schools as a measure to fight against the deadly virus. This has brought Link to Progress and the other water and sanitation actors to the forefront to promote sanitation and hygiene.

Washing facilities

Link to Progress has in that regard constructed Hand washing facilities for Amido Primary school in Oyam district, this will enhance the practice of hand washing in all the school children and teachers as a way of fighting Covid 19.

Many children are now able to wash their hands with soap at the same time. The facilities have been appreciated by the district and sub county leadership together with the school community, this will enhance ownership and sustainability. However there are many other schools that are still lacking hand washing facilities with the fact that all the schools children are expected to be back in school in coming months.

Improved water access, in 2019, 30 communities in Nwoya district enjoyed new water sources, this targeted communities who had no sources of water. (1)