In June 2020, Link to Progress secured funding from the Koornzaayer Foundation to implement a 3 years water and sanitation project in Alebtong district of northern Uganda.

The project started with a consultative meeting at the district which saw the selection of two sub counties, that is, Amugu and Abako to benefit from the project. The project includes the construction of 30 deep boreholes and improvement of sanitation and hygiene through community led total sanitation approach.

Improved water access, in 2019, 30 communities in Nwoya district enjoyed new water sources, this targeted communities who had no sources of water. (1)

Savings and loans, sanitation and livelihood projects

Other activities in the project includes election and training of water source committee members on borehole operation and maintenance and village savings and loans association to boost their economic livelihoods. There is also improvement of sanitation and hygiene through community led total sanitation approach among others. Link to progress is working together with the district and sub county leaders together with the communities to enhance the ownership of the projects. The three years project is being implemented in phases with the first phase closing in March 2021 where 10 new boreholes were handed over to the district and to the community members for use, it was also combined with open defecation free celebration of 8 villages where there is no more open defecation.

The hand over was held on 15th of April 2021 in a delighted event and the stakeholders that participated were the district and Sub County officials, Link to Progress staff and the community members. It was a joint function held to celebrate the achievement of improving water supply and sanitation in the two sub counties of Amugu and Abako, Alebtong district. The District officials comprised of the Chief Administrative Officer, Chairperson LCV, the District Health Officer and the District Water Officer while the Sub County team comprised of the Sub County Chief, Health Assistant, Community Development Officer and Local Council 3. The WSC leaders of the 10 boreholes were present at the function held at Aminalweka village in Amugu Sub County and best five clean households in each village were motivated and were awarded certificate of recognition.