Education Programme

HM & teacher Iceme Girls SS

During the war in Northern Uganda, Iceme Girls School was left in ruins with dilapidated structures. To respond to the above situation, Spaap Foundation through Koornzaayer Foundation of the Netherlands is generously supporting Link to progress to provide two units of twin staff houses to accommodate 4 teachers, supply and installation of solar electricity, rain water harvesting facilities, construction of two blocks of two stance drainable latrines and two units of kitchens to serve the two buildings. The Head Teacher of Iceme, Sr. Clare worked very hard to ensure the benefitting communities contribute local materials.

Iceme Girls song

After the war, Iceme Girls School experienced challenges such as inadequate infrastructures, lack of clean water and inadequate knowledge on menstrual hygiene management for the girls. To respond to the above situation, Link to progress through Koornzaayer foundation constructed teachers houses, and provided reusable pads for the girls.

Ngai & Atapara SS

During the 20 years insurgency, Ngai mixed secondary school was turned into a military barracks. This left most of the infrastructures destroyed. Through the Koornzaayer foundation, Link to progress constructed both Girls and boy’s dormitories.

At the peak of the war, Atapara Secondary School was displaced to an IDP camp in Oyam District and all the school properties including buildings, and furniture were burnt and destroyed by LRA rebels. Link to progress through the Koornzaayer foundation constructed dormitories for both boys and girls.

Currently, Link to progress is sponsoring students from Iceme, Ngai and Atapara secondary schools to Government Universities.