LTP works with a number of local partners that have been involved in the funding and implementation of rural water supply projects for many years (TGS Water, WE Consult and CARITAS). Thanks to this collaboration LTP has access to project funding and is able to execute the projects with smaller over heads than other NGOs. The International Partners that LTP work with include: FEMI foundationWE ConsultKoornzaayer Foundation, Smith & Son, Medicor & Venco groep.

LTP also collaborates with other NGOs implementing water and sanitation projects in Northern Uganda to share experiences and challenges; they include SNV and Charity Water. LTP is a member of Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET), an umbrella organization that coordinates NGOs in WASH to government and donor partners. LTP is also a member of Uganda Dutch WASH Alliance which coordinates NGOs funded by Dutch donors.